Our vision

We aim to be a nurturing and engaging community, growing servant-hearted people and bringing Jesus’ saving love to our city and beyond.


Three words capture the essence of what Grace Church is all about:


The gospel means ‘good news’, referring to the life-changing message about Jesus Christ, and how he is bringing lost people home. From its bible teaching to its culture, Grace Church wants everything it does to be driven by the gospel, and reflect the gospel.


Grace Church is a place to know others, and be known. The Christian life is not meant to be lived alone, and church means more than just a Sunday gathering. In order to fulfil the Bible’s call to be a family, we are committed to fostering deep community where diverse people are united together.


We believe Jesus is the answer to the deepest needs of people not only in Manchester but all over the world. So we’re passionate about sharing the love of Jesus and the good news we’ve received with those around us.

Our values

Grace Church seeks to be:
  • Faithful in obedience to Jesus’ Scriptures, and sharing his good news
  • Dependent on God’s help for all life and ministry
  • Generous with our time, money and resources towards others
  • Thankful for the Gospel and God’s provision in all things
  • Courageous in pursuing ambitions in all of life that glorify Jesus
  • Honest about our struggles and failures as we desire to grow in maturity together